Bella Dance Studio – Modesto, CA

Classes Offered

Tap – Ages 3 and up

Tap is a classic form of dance that incorporates clean precise sounds in a rhythmic pattern. In this discipline you will learn the fundamentals of tap, including terminology, from the very basic level to the most advanced. Precise footwork will be taught and put together to form unique sounds. Dancers will learn combinations as part of their warm-ups and will be able to apply their knowledge learned in their recital dance.

Ballet – Ages 3 and up

Ballet is considered the foundation of dance. In this discipline students will learn proper alignment and placement with their body and how to improve their flexibility and muscle strength. Terminology is an essential for this class and students will participate in barre work and combinations learned throughout the year in preparation for their recital dance. Students may advance to pointe from an advanced level in this discipline.

Cheerleading dance instruction

Cheer – Ages 7 and up

Learn the fundamentals of cheer in a dance format. Students will learn everything from arm angles to jumps and splits. Pom poms add a fun element to the dances that are learned. Students will engage in proper stretching techniques to increase their overall flexibility. Their knowledge learned will be showcased on stage for their recital.

Jazz – Ages 7 and up

In this rhythmic upbeat style of dance students will learn the fundamentals and terminology of this discipline. Proper alignment and technique will be applied to faster, upbeat music. Students will enjoy this energetic style of dance while still maintaining technique and grace. Proper warm-ups and across the floor progression work will be taught. Students will apply their energetic knowledge of this discipline towards their recital dance.

Hip Hop – Ages 7 and up

This discipline gives students the freedom to improvise on fundamentals with their own attitudes and charisma. Danced to upbeat and current music of today, students will enjoy learning the energetic movements taught to them. As with all styles of dance, this particular style helps students become more confident. Students will engage in a proper warm–up and learn combinations that will help define their movements that are used in their recital dance.

Lyrical Dance Classes

Lyrical – Ages 10 and up

Lyrical is a form of dance that blends elements of ballet and jazz. It is an expressive form of dance that shows emotion and unique movement. Dancers will learn fundamental techniques and how to express their emotions through dance on stage. Ballet and/or jazz classes are recommended to take when signing up for lyrical dance.

Pointe – Teacher referral

In this discipline students will continue their current training they learned in ballet and apply their fundamental technique to pointe work. Pointe dance is an extension of ballet, not to be confused as a replacement. Students who are enrolled in pointe class are required to continue their ballet class which helps them maintain their strength, an essential in this discipline. Along with barre work and combinations students will apply their technique for this beautiful discipline in their recital dance.

Adult Tap

Adults will learn the fundamentals of this rhythmic discipline along with terminology. Precise footwork will be taught and put together to form unique sounds. Warm-ups and combinations will be learned in a relaxed setting. Adults can either take this class for performance or non-performance.

Adult Jazz/Hip Hop

In this class adults will learn the fundamentals of both jazz and hip hop. Upbeat and energetic moves will be taught in a relaxed setting. Through technique adults will go through proper warm-ups and learn combinations that are fun and energetic. Adults can either take this class for performance or non-performance.

Other specialty classes

These include classes that we don’t offer regularly throughout the year (available for all ages).  Stay tuned!

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